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Get all your marketing needs covered by a team of professionals whose industry expertise exceeds what hiring an in-house team delivers. Dzeya can provide you with such an outsourced marketing team, completely stress-free.

Sounds like exactly what your business needs to grow?

Outsource your marketing to professionals

Choose a partner with proven industry expertise

This sounds like every startup's dream. You need all your marketing efforts covered — we know how. Innovative strategies, deep industry expertise, streamlined communications — all in one place. Hire a team of professionals who act like your in-house team. With Dzeya's Dedicated Team offering, you can augment some important parts of your expertise or delegate all your marketing to us. We care. That's why we give this service a dedicated status.


Get your marketing automated

Make it smooth. Reach your business objectives by automating marketing tasks. Get your virtual marketing department outsourced.


Run advertising campaigns

Get the most out of advertising. Power your campaigns with Dzeya's professional digital marketing services.


Analyze data and user behavior

Understand your target audience. Get all analytics and user behavior tracked for you.


Systematize your marketing

See your marketing as a complex system. Our industry knowledge and professional marketing expertise will help you get the bigger picture.

Sounds interesting?

Make your best marketing decision

We offer a decent level up to outsourced marketing as we know it. How? There's a reason why we call this service a “dedicated team”. You get all the benefits of having your in-house marketing department, yet with solid agency expertise. Still, we dedicate the team to you so we become colleagues, not just distant counterparties. That helps you build more efficient and creative marketing strategies that are bespoke and made to push your business growth. 

Check out our cases. It takes less than 5 minutes to study each, saving you days of thinking if the offer actually works.


Outsourcing marketing helps you reduce expenses. You don't need to grow your full-time team, spending much time and money. Instead, you instantly get your feathered squad, which performs professional marketing services as if they were your in-house team for a fraction of the cost.

Access to expertise

Professionals working with many industries can find more creative solutions than in-house teams. Outsourcing marketing to us helps you stay ahead of the curve, knowing all the latest trends and finding original ideas.

Scalability and Flexibility

Adjust your marketing efforts depending on your business needs. The level of support you need from your marketing department might vary drastically from month to month. As your outsourced marketing partner, we can keep up with these fluctuations.

Faster Time-to-Market

Having an outsourced marketing department on demand means a vast speed-to-market advantage. Whenever a new challenge or opportunity arises, you have professional services marketing at your disposal. Email marketing, search engine optimization, PPC advertising, and many more can be switched on at any time.

Want examples?

Check out our cases. It takes less than 5 minutes to study each, saving you days of thinking if the offer actually works.

Our clients are

GameDev, Fintech, Crypto, SaaS, E-commerce and Service Companies

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