Performance Marketing Strategy Development and the First Launch of Ad Campaigns for Fintech Startup

Dec 24, 2022

Client Overview

Coinchange — consumer Fintech company that generates yield for customers through blockchain-based financial instruments.


To conduct the first launch with the key metrics selected per each stage and implement analytics.

Launch platforms: Web, iOS (Apple Store), Android (Google Play).

Main channels for UA: Meta (ex. Facebook), Apple Search Ads and other channels are at the stage of negotiations with managers of advertising platforms.

Regions: USA, Canada, UK, Australia.

The launch is divided into two stages: the development of a performance strategy and the launch of advertising campaigns through selected platforms.

The performance strategy includes the following steps:

  • Creating a funnel using the AARRR framework with the definition of key metrics at each stage;

  • Development of the Traffic Map;

  • Development of key events through GTM;

  • Development of terms of reference for the implementation of Appsflyer;

  • Definition of the target audience;

  • Compilation of offers, development of headings, banners;

  • Definition of keywords to launch Apple Search Ads;

  • Creating campaign structure and media plan.

User engagement is possible using Apps and the Web. In order to be verified in the service, a user needs to pass confirmation with an identity document. At each of the stages, an event map was developed to obtain data in Appsflyer and GA, and these events were also used to deploy and scale conversion campaigns.

During the A/B test, it was determined that attracting users via the Web is much cheaper, and in the following launches, campaigns were scaled through the site.

To launch Apple Search Ads using the Apptica service, the key queries of the main competitors were analyzed: Coinbase, Binance, and Voyager. Based on this data, ad set groups were formed: Crypto, DeFi, Coins, Competitors, APY and the best groups for scaling them were determined.

*** All data that was obtained during the launch of advertising campaigns is under NDA.