Optimizing Onboarding Flow for KYC2020's Free Trial and Software Purchase

Dec 12, 2023

Client Overview

KYC2020, a globally recognized REGTECH company, offers robust solutions for AML compliance, including sanction, PEP, and adverse media screening. As part of their commitment to making AML compliance easy, effective, and affordable, they provide a free trial for potential clients to experience their platform. To enhance the user experience and streamline the onboarding process for this free trial and subsequent software purchase, a comprehensive audit and optimization were required.


1. Evaluation of the Current Flow: The initial step involved a thorough assessment of the existing onboarding process to identify any weak points or areas of friction that might deter potential users.

2. Creation of a New Free Trial Flow: Based on the findings from the initial assessment, a new, more intuitive and user-friendly flow was designed for those interested in the free trial.

3. User Segmentation: Recognizing that not all users have the same needs or levels of expertise, a segmentation strategy was implemented. This ensured that different user groups received tailored onboarding experiences, maximizing their chances of a successful trial and eventual purchase.

4. Implementation of GA4: Google Analytics 4 (GA4) was integrated to provide deeper insights into user behavior. This involved developing an event map and optimizing conversions to better understand user interactions and improve the overall experience.

5. Technical Task Development for Referral Identification: A technical task was developed to identify referrals when filling out any registration or feedback forms. This would prevent the need to transition to a more expensive marketing automation plan in the future.

Tools Used

  • GA4 (Google Analytics 4): Used for tracking user interactions, developing event maps, and optimizing conversions.

  • Active Campaign: Deployed for marketing automation, ensuring that segmented users received the right communications at the right time.

  • Google Tag Manager (GTM): Utilized for managing and deploying marketing tags (snippets of code or tracking pixels) on the website without having to modify the code.


1. Streamlined Onboarding Flow: The new flow reduced friction points, making it easier for users to start their free trial and understand the value of KYC2020's offerings.

2. Tailored User Experiences: Through segmentation, users received a more personalized onboarding experience, increasing the likelihood of a successful trial and subsequent purchase.

3. Enhanced Analytics: With GA4 in place, KYC2020 could gain deeper insights into user behavior, allowing for continuous optimization of the onboarding process.

4. Cost-Efficient Referral Tracking: The technical solution for referral identification ensured that KYC2020 could track referrals without incurring additional costs from more expensive marketing automation plans

Free Trial Flow


The optimization of KYC2020's onboarding flow for the free trial and software purchase resulted in a more intuitive and user-friendly experience. Through the use of advanced tools like GA4, Active Campaign, and GTM, the company was able to gain deeper insights into user behavior, tailor the onboarding experience, and implement cost-effective solutions. This not only enhanced the user experience but also positioned KYC2020 for increased conversions and growth.