Marketing Automation Transformation for BOSS FIGHTERS Game

Sep 10, 2023

Client Overview

BOSS FIGHTERS is a multiplayer action game where a VR player controls a Boss, fighting a team of PC players in intense and wacky battles.


The primary challenge was migrating from an outdated email marketing system to a more sophisticated one that would enable complete marketing automation. Another objective was to obtain comprehensive user data and track each user's journey throughout the gaming experience.


After careful consideration, we chose HubSpot as our system of choice. This flexible platform amalgamates email marketing, ticketing systems, and other marketing automation tools. Furthermore, HubSpot's robust API facilitated seamless integrations with the backend of the BOSS FIGHTERS game's user interface.


1. User Behavior Tracking: We successfully implemented the tracking of specific user behavior within the game, user interface, and website. This data gives us invaluable insight into user habits and patterns.

2. Comprehensive User Board: We utilized HubSpot as the ultimate board, presenting a detailed view of registered users. This feature allows us to determine each user's origin and engagement level within the game.

3. Enhanced User Quality: By implementing refined registration processes and tracking, we improved the quality of registered users, leading to more engaged players and higher retention rates.

4. Dynamic Lists: We created dynamic lists of the most engaged users and segmented them based on specific criteria, such as those who claimed a key.

5. Automated Mailings: Corresponding to the dynamic lists, we established automated email dispatch, ensuring each user receives relevant and timely content based on their engagement level.

6. Ambassador Program: We developed a dedicated system for game ambassadors, creating unique activities for them, hence fostering an active and engaged community.

7. UTM Tagging System: To efficiently work with publishers and other sources, we developed a UTM tagging system. It allows us to track the number of final registrations from a specific publisher within the system.

Marketing Automation System with HubSpot

By leveraging HubSpot's capabilities and introducing a marketing automation system, we've greatly improved user registration quality, engagement tracking, and strategic marketing efforts for BossFighters. It's a testament to the power of utilizing cutting-edge technology in gaming to enhance both player experience and marketing efficiency.