Implementing an Account-Based Marketing Strategy for an IT Company

Jun 19, 2023

Client Overview focused on custom web & mobile development with offices in Estonia and Portugal. In the initial phase of the case, the focus is on developing an Account Based Marketing (ABM) strategy for an IT company in the foodtech industry. The key tasks involved in this part include researching and creating buyer personas specifically tailored to the foodtech industry, building a communication funnel, and developing the final roadmap. In addition to these tasks, a preliminary study of the company's resources and processes is conducted to ensure seamless integration of the ABM strategy.

Research and Create Buyer Personas

This task involves conducting strategic sessions to gather information and insights necessary for creating buyer personas.

During these sessions, the following aspects are determined:

  • Company Types: Identify different types of companies within the target market segment.

  • Number of Employees: Determine the range of employees working in the target companies.

  • Company Industries: Identify the specific industries in which the target companies operate.

  • Location: Determine the geographical locations of the target companies.

  • Decision-Making Roles: Identify the key decision-maker and influencer/advisor roles within the target companies.

  • Pains of this Segment: Understand the challenges and pain points faced by the target companies.

  • Price/Non-price Factors: Identify the factors that influence the pricing decisions of the target companies.

  • Competitors' Experience or Knowledge: Explore the level of experience or knowledge that competitors have in the target market.

  • Barriers to Entry: Determine the obstacles or barriers that may hinder the entry of the FoodTech company into the target market.

  • Opportunity: Identify the potential opportunities and advantages the FoodTech company can offer to the target companies.

  • Services Offered: Determine the specific services that the FoodTech company can provide to meet the needs of the target companies.

All this information is needed to create a communication strategy and select the right companies through special tools. Based on the information gathered, 11 distinct buyer personas are created. These buyer personas represent the ideal customers within the target market segment.

Building a Communication Funnel

Once the buyer personas have been established, the next step was to build a communication funnel. A communication funnel refers to a series of strategic touchpoints and messaging to engage and nurture leads within the target companies. Separate communication messages have been created for each person. The tactics and channels used in the communication funnel may vary based on the preferences and characteristics of the target companies.

Development of the Final Road Map

The final roadmap development focuses on creating a strategic plan for an outreach campaign, variant, or attracting customers at various stages of the funnel, improving the leads scoring system, and funnel stage performance metrics. The roadmap encompasses the different stages of the outreach process, including account search, contacts search, and outreach. It also involves the selection of specific tools for each stage, along with the preparation of an activities instruction that provides guidelines on how to effectively utilize these tools. The activities instruction covers using various platforms such as email, LinkedIn, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, webinars, etc.

Marketing Strategy Structury for IT Services Company

As a result, with the final roadmap in place, suitable tools selected for account search, contacts search, and outreach, and comprehensive activities instruction prepared, the team is fully equipped to successfully execute their outreach campaign. The roadmap provides a structured plan for achieving the desired outcomes, while the tools and activities instruction ensure efficient utilization of various channels and platforms. This approach maximizes the client's chances of engaging with potential customers in the foodtech industry and driving conversions for the business.