Digital Marketing Transformation of a Streaming Platform with a Dedicated Marketing Team

Jun 30, 2024

Client Overview

Due to a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with our client, specific details such as the client's name and direct references to their proprietary data have been omitted from this case study. Our commitment to client confidentiality is paramount, and this document respects that obligation while providing insightful learnings from the project.


The platform aimed to enhance its digital marketing capabilities to increase its user base and streamline marketing processes, while maintaining brand consistency and user engagement.

Solutions Implemented:

  • Marketing Automation Transition: Moved from ActiveCampaign and Notion to HubSpot, creating a robust marketing automation system and an efficient sales pipeline.

  • Advanced Analytics Setup: Implemented Google Tag Manager and GA4 for sophisticated tracking and analytics, enabling flexible tracking updates without site code alterations. Implemented event tracking in the mobile app via AppsFlyer.

  • Email Marketing: Developed a HubSpot-based email marketing system with custom-designed emails in line with the platform's branding, achieving an impressive average open rate of 28.5%.

  • Paid Traffic Campaigns: Launched successful paid traffic campaigns on Facebook and Google across multiple countries, including Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Netherlands, and the United States. Achieved an efficient cost per registration of $3.7, significantly increasing user registrations and expanding the subscription base.

  • Landing Page Development: Created a specialized landing page for hypothesis testing and database collection (Zapier + HubSpot), enhancing user engagement and supporting data-driven marketing strategies.


User Base Expansion: Achieved substantial growth in the contact base, increasing by approximately 5.3 times, demonstrating the effectiveness of the newly implemented marketing strategies.

  • Email Marketing Success: The average open rate of 28.5% in email marketing campaigns indicated high user engagement and effective communication strategies.

  • Global Reach and Efficiency: The paid traffic campaigns effectively reached a global audience, maintaining cost efficiency in user acquisition.

  • Strategic Data Collection: The specialized landing page played a crucial role in testing marketing hypotheses and enhancing the user data collection process.


This project stands as a testament to the transformative impact of integrated digital marketing strategies. By adopting advanced analytics, revamping email marketing, leveraging global paid traffic campaigns, and innovating with a specialized landing page, the art streaming platform significantly enhanced its user engagement and expanded its subscriber base. The strategic transition to a sophisticated marketing automation system in HubSpot was pivotal in achieving these results, showcasing the crucial role of digital marketing in driving growth and engagement in the competitive online art space.