Digital Marketing from Scratch for AI-based GPS Navigation System

Feb 17, 2023

Client Overview

Ritcy is a cutting-edge navigation app offering a decentralized, web3 experience with an AI companion that learns and adapts to your preferences. Maintain control over your data, and embrace a transparent, trust-driven platform for your journeys. Don't miss this chance to be a part of the revolutionary driving platform that's changing the way we navigate and connect on the road.


  • Implementation of Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics;

  • Implementation Hubspot;

  • Set up Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram;

  • Set up Discord;

  • Сreation of texts, and banners for all social networks;

  • First launches in Google Ads and Meta Ads.

Main Channel for pad traffic: Google Ads, Meta Ads (ex. Facebook)

In the first stage, Google Tag Manager and GA4 were implemented to understand where users are coming from and their activities fully. Meta Pixel was also implemented for future advertising campaigns, and an Event Map was created.

The next stage involved implementing Hubspot. Its main task is to accumulate a database in one place and build a further system using email marketing. In this case, email serves as a universal ID for users, allowing tracking of their path and obtaining various information. For example, information about the availability and brand of cars, which can be used to filter and select a relevant cohort of users.

Additionally, form processing on the website and internal Hubspot forms were set up via Zapier, along with static and dynamic lists. Dynamic lists are automatically populated based on user responses and actions on the website, which is useful for building communication with potential users.

Social media channels were created to form a community, including Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, and Discord. Starting channels were developed, and a universal MEE6 bot was set up for greeting, verification, and auto-moderation. 20 posts with adaptive banners were developed for each social media platform.

After completing all these tasks, paid traffic sources were launched on Google Ads and Meta Ads to identify relevant GEOs, find working combinations, form a database, and create lookalike and remarketing audiences for future campaigns.