18.5k+ Pre-Registration & 750k+ Views for NFT Runner Metarun

Jan 10, 2022

Client Overview

Metarun — First P2E Endless Mobile Runner Game With Nft Assets


  • Create an analytics system to measure and evaluate the effectiveness of launching advertising campaigns and PR campaigns;

  • Promo campaign;

  • Launch closed beta campaign;

  • Launch PVE campaign;

  • Implement & set up a marketing automation system.

Launch platforms: Web, iOS (Apple Store), Android (Google Play)

Main channels for UA: Meta (ex. Facebook), Google Ads, Coinzilla, Bitmedia

Region: WW (exclude CIS)

User Acquisition Scheme for P2P Runner Mobile Game

At the start of the work, the main task was to create an analytics system with the definition of key events that would allow us to determine the effectiveness of various channels and collect remarketing audiences.

We created a traffic map with key events. Google Tag Manager was implemented on the site with all trackers and custom events, which were later used to optimize advertising campaigns and build funnels.

An important stage was the work on brand awareness. For these purposes, advertising video campaigns were launched on YouTube and Meta Ads. We've reached 750.000 views and 14.000 subscribers on the YouTube channel.

During the brand awareness campaign we create the UTM tag system, which we can use for the following PR campaigns. Because of this we can simply detect the best source where we can buy some sponsored content. Also here we collect data for the following campaigns.

To attract users to focus groups, ambassadorship and press releases, we developed a solution for building a flow with a set of landing pages for different traffic sources. This made it possible to evaluate the effectiveness of different channels and determine the most effective channels for scaling them. The data was collected through paid sources such as Meta Ads, Google Ads, Coinzilla, Bitmedia and from articles posted on thematic portals. For creating and working with the own database, we’ve implemented HubSpot. It’ll help us deeply understand the users, re-engage them and automate many marketing workflows.

During the soft launch, we tested build stability, in-game engagement and monetization.

Got 18.5 K pre-registrations in google play. Cost per pre-registrations: 0.31 USD.